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Terms and Conditions

Final ticket sales close: Midnight, Thursday, 12 December 2019

Final draw date: Friday, 13 December 2019


Lester Khan 

Multiple Sclerosis Ltd  

80 Betty Cuthbert Drive, Lidcombe NSW, 2141  

ACT Permit No.: R 19/00393

NSW Permit No.: GOCAU/2217

VIC Permit No.: 10641/19

Total value of all prizes is $45,000 and Club MS $2,000.

Final ticket sales close: MidnightThursday, 12 December 2019.

Public draw occurs on Friday, 13 December 2019 at the Multiple Sclerosis Ltd office – 80 Betty Cuthbert Drive, Lidcombe NSW, 2141  

Unclaimed prize draw date: 13 April 2020.

Winners will be notified by telephone and mail. 

Winning ticket numbers will be published on 16 December 2019 on, and here on the website after the draw.