Cristelle's Story

'To be perfectly honest, there was a part of me that was happy to receive my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, not because I wanted to have an incurable disease, but finally I had an explanation for so many unusual symptoms and numerous misdiagnosis over many - many years'.

Dealing with the diagnosis of a progressive neurological condition, was confronting for Cristelle, who had never felt quiet so lost, alone and frightened!

Soon, however, Cristelle experienced a process of amazing life lessons about herself, family, friends, biology and weather patterns of all things. Impacted emotionally by the loss of her career as a Secondary School Biology Teacher and her independence, she took control of what was happening inside her own body and hit the books and internet, to educate herself about what life was asking her to deal with.

Cristelle set out to challenge her methods of achieving her ability to gain back some control of her fine motor skills, core muscles and balance by working around the challenged brain pathways - not against them. Cristelle’s personal management and experience of her own “brain plasticity” provided her with peace, motivation and sense of control.

World travel through cooler climates resulted in Cristelle’s improved quality of life which in turn led to a shift from Brisbane to Tasmania – resulting in a healthier and less stressful lifestyle and significant reduction in symptoms.

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