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How you're helping to change lives

At 12 years of age Stephen Papadopoulos sat in a classroom listening to a presentation about the MS Readathon, not knowing that just a few years later, at 16, his first MS symptoms would appear.

When Stephen was diagnosed in 2001, at age 22, his response was "you have to get something in your life - MS is lucky to have me!" After a year of dealing with his MS, medications and depression, Stephen decided it was time to get positive.

He commenced working full-time for a film and television company and kick-started his social life again. Stephen now works part-time for multiple sclerosis. Stephen has remained positive - as hard as it can be living in pain 24/7, only getting 2-3 hours of sleep a night, due to sharp stabbing pains in his body, constant pins and needles in his hands and feet and a burning sensation over his entire body.

Stephen enjoys talking about and raising the awareness of MS, as many people are unaware that the average age of diagnosis is 30. "It's not an old person's condition", he says. He has been an MS Readathon™ presenter since 2003, talking to school children who are appreciative of the opportunity to meet a young person with MS.

Stephen takes each day as it comes, always with a smile on his face, making the best out of every situation that gets thrown at him. Stephen says, "It's not the hand you get, it's how you play it.

Every ticket sold in the MS Dream Raffle supports thousands of Australians, just like Stephen, living with Multiple Sclerosis. Thank you for making a life-changing difference and good luck in the prize draws.